German / English to French translator, sworn in German
Estelle Franceschi

“more than a translator, an expert, your partner” 

As an ISIT certified translator, SFT member, sworn translator for French courts in German and English, and experienced lawyer-linguist in Health and Life Sciences, I can provide you with outstanding translations (DE-EN <> FR), required for your international development and compliance.

Entrusting me with your translations, ensures that your documents will be translated by an:

Experienced lawyer-linguist (in business law/GDPR compliance)

Over 15 years of experience as international legal and privacy counsel and former Group DPO in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and telecom industries

  • AstraZeneca
  • Wyeth (Pfizer)
  • Ericsson
  • Laboratoire français du fractionnement & des biotechnologies (LFB)
  • Galderma Interational (Nestlé Skin Health)

ISIT certified professional translator with a Lawyer-Linguist dual education

Education with a strong focus on international law and new translation technologies:

  • French-German law bachelor’s degree (Paris II Assas- 1993)
  • Master (DEA) in International Business and Private Law (Paris I- Sorbonne- 1996)
  • ISIT Paris 2019-2020 Certificate in New Translation Technologies

Sworn Translator

As a sworn translator in German and English, registered on the list of legal experts at the Court of Appeal in Rouen since January 2021, I am entitled to perform certified translations of official documents from German and English into French and vice versa.

Teaching legal translation at ISIT (2020-2021)

I also taught legal translation courses at ISIT in 2020-2021 in:

  • Lawyer-linguist Master: students at Master level (DE-FR) and students in 1st year (EN-FR) from Assas (Paris) and Sceaux Law universities.
  • Master in Intercultural Communication and Translation (DE-FR) for Students in 5th year.

Professional networks

In order to update my knowledge in my specialization fields, to improve my know-how and to create links and regular partnerships within my profession, I am member of the

Commitment to Quality

As a full member of the French Union of Translators (SFT), I respect its Code of Professional Ethics, namely:

  • translation into my mother tongue and in my specialization fields;
  • confidentiality and respect of professional secrecy;
  • translation in accordance with your priorities and high-quality standards;
  • compliance with agreed deadlines.