Whether you need bilingual or multilingual (German-English-French) projects, I can offer you a range of outstanding language services in my specialization fields (law, RGPD, health and life sciences) while meeting your deadline and cost objectives. My services include specialized translations, certified translations, proofreading and revision by a lawyer-linguist.

A translator is generally bound by applicable professional deontological rules to translate only into his or her mother tongue. I respect such rules and translate from German and English into French. To ensure the coherence of a multilingual project in specialized translation, I also work in close partnership with native German or English-speaking colleagues competent in the relevant field.

Specialized translation fields: Legal, GDPR and Medical

My expertise in legal, GDPR compliance and medical translations is based on more than 15 years of experience as international legal and privacy counsel and former Group DPO for leading companies in healthcare (pharmaceutical, biotech and dermo-cosmetics) and telecom industries.

Certified translations

As a Sworn Translator in German and English, appointed as an expert legal translator at the Court of Appeal in Rouen (France) since January 2021, I am entitled to deliver certified translations of official documents from German and English into French and vice versa.

Proofreading / Editing

I guarantee the final quality of legal or technical documents I translate for you. Insofar as they fall within my specialization fields, they will be proofread and edited by an expert in those fields.